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MELT method

A breakthrough self treatment system that stimulates the amazing healing power of the bodies connective tissue.

Melt Method

Sue Hitzman claims that with this method it is possible to live pain free the rest of your life! She states that pain is not the normal part of aging.

What a great claim to entice you in !

Helps relieve aches and stiffness, improve performance( top athletes) and erase negative effects of aging.

It is the repetitive movements of life which cause problems....stuck stress sue hitzmann calls it. The self massage techniques using balls and very soft rollers help to restore the connective tissue to its happy hydrated self

"The connective tissue system, not the muscle system, is responsible for misalignment, imbalance, chronic pain and discomfort. Once you rehydrate your connective tissue, muscle compensation and imbalance improves and your muscles don't have to work overtime."
- Sue Hitzman founder of the MELT method

The stiffness you feel when you get up from sitting or get up in the morning are pre-pain signs. It's a signal to start helping out your connective tissue system, as its telling you it's not coping well. As the nervous system is embedded in this system then improving the condition of the connective tissue improves the condition of the nervous system too. The effects of re conditioning the connective tissue have many surprising effects, ranging from digestion to sleeping better.

I have noticed huge lasting changes in my body since practicing this method and am excited to share it.

I've written a blog on it if you would like to hear more.