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Core awareness

"We are vibrating molecules composed of more than 80 percent water. A constantly changing thought form, the human body is intrinsically woven into a field of fluid energy- the web of life." Liz Koch

Core Awareness

"Independent and interconnected with the web of life, we are interactive feedback loops. Adaptable and responsive, we are self correcting systems profoundly capable of self healing. This new perception demands a change in our attitude and in our teaching methods. the body does not need to be taught to stand move, or breathe. We simply need to stop interfering with our natural capabilities. Therefore, awareness is key.

To embody this new understanding is the next challenging frontier. Being a self correcting system demands that we shift our focus and intention away from doing it "right "to gaining awareness. Rather than fixing, conditioning, tuning up, training, or shaping the body, the new paridigm suggests we need simply to fully embody form and function in multiple dimensions. To be filled with awareness!

Instead of fixating or imposing an idea on the body, the centred, self correcting body (in continual motion and capable of flexibility, suppleness, and strength) emerges from an inner somatic awareness, born of a well developed nervous system and a harmonic energy flow.

Yet most exercise routines such as pilates and yoga and dance instruction still practice and are taught in the old mechanistic format. Using visual or verbal cues instead of kinesthetic cues, many teachers fall short of stimulating the somatic awareness necessary for the nervous system to blossom. Trying to imitate or follow the teacher, we struggle to become what we see or are told to be from outside our selves. To shift to a new paradigm requires that we change not only our way of thinking about our body, but also demands that we be our body.

To persist practicing and or teaching repetitive patterning disregards our individuality and limits our potential for developing. Whether we dance, swim, or practice yoga, moving from the inside out initiates a more fluid energy efficient expression. By shifting our attention to core awareness the look and feel of everything we do changes."

This excert is taken from Liz Koch's book Core awareness

Liz Koch who developed core awareness has been investigating the psoas muscle for over 30 years. I have been on three trainings with her over the space of 15 years. It's a radical concept she's teaching and I've needed the spaces between to consolidate, read, integrate and begin to get a handle on this new paradigm. The body as a process rather than an object!

Liz Koch has been heavily influenced by Emily Conrad founder of continuum. I have also tried continuum and sensed my fluid body in an indescribable way. Surreal

If you would like to experience this unique and inspirational way of working then its my Wednesday afternoon class you are after.