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Natural movement Yoga

Improve health and increase your daily movement

Yoga hike

What does natural movement mean?

Well I guess what I mean is movement that our hunter gatherer ancestors would have been doing. Squatting, walking over various terrain, carrying, floor sitting, climbing, being outside.

Our modern lives could be equated to a zoo cage for a wild animal. They don't always fair well in these conditions

Our bodies have adapted to chairs and a sedentary lifestyle. Even if we have physical work it tends to be repetitive and overuses certain parts of the body. We are how we move.

I'm interested in how we can incorporate more movement into our everyday lives. Movement that is nutritious to our bodies and restores and maintains the natural function of the body.

Exercising for an hour a day and being sedentary the rest of it has been scientifically proven to be only slightly more beneficial than being sedentary the whole day. It's large chunks of sedentary that are harmful to us. It's not what our bodies are evolved yet!!!!

The first class I'm running is looking at walking. A major feat in our evolution and the superfood equivalent in movement. We will explore gait and frequency and duration of walking. Lots of aspects will be covered; see my facebook posts for more details.

I'm planning an indoor session to look at corrective exercises. ( release tension and strengthen where needs to be strengthened) and then embodying what we have learnt while walking over different terrain in the stunning trails near Bamford Village.

If this sounds appealing please let me know. Once I have enough people I'll get started.