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Would you like better Balance? (return to news page)

In this article I reflect on what I've learnt on the two meditation retreats I've attended this summer. Also my current learning of nutritious movement which will influence my teaching this term as will my week with Peter Blackaby.

Would you like better Balance?
Pembrokeshire 2016

Work life balance/ emotional balance/physical bodily balance?

Our responses to this question will be individual and varied.

I have recently been on two retreats with buddhist meditation teachers and have had helpful input on how to readdress the balance of kindly thoughts to myself and judgemental, critical thoughts. One of my retreats was called “passion and dispassion through the path of equanimity and aliveness.” Very much about finding a happy balance between the two.

I very much appreciated the meditation practices of loving kindness taught and I shall be incorporating the phrases taught into this terms yoga sessions. (Yoga being a form of meditation).

Here are some of the phrases. Perhaps you would like to incorporate them into your thinking time….replacing some of the more anxiety producing thoughts that we can recycle and ruminate over.

  • Dear friend I’m sorry you have been given this load to carry.
  • Dear friend I delight in your beauty.
  • I care about your pain.
  • I rejoice in the goodness and beauty of your intention.
  • Dear beloved I will let you be where you are, as you are right now.

The dear friend is yourself. Part of the practise is to also wish it for others. Obviously some are more relevant to you at certain times than others.

It feels a bit of a risk suggesting these phrases; in the context of a retreat they were just perfect. I’ve decided that people will respond as they will and for some they will be a welcome encouragement and for others a load of baloney.

Hey you can’t please all the people all the time and loving kindness meditation helps me accept where everyone is.

On a different tack I continue with my nutritious movement training which I’m very much enjoying and in October I go for a week with my osteopath yoga teacher Peter Blackaby. So I’m learning new innovative ways of viewing the body and bringing it back to natural harmonious balance through scientifically proven modes of movement. I hesitate to say exercise as Katy bowman, the teacher of nutritious movement compares exercise to taking vitamin supplements. A healthy movement diet is what she is advocating…synonymous with a healthy balanced diet. If you want to learn more then check out her books, videos on you tube…or come to one of my lessons in Fulwood.

Published on Wed Aug 31, 2016