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Restoring Natural Movement

Helping you to be healthier and feel better in body and mind.


Natural yoga

Move your body in ways that it loves but doesn't get a chance to in every day life.

This type of yoga is based on natural actions of human movement. It is suitable for all ages and levels of flexibility.

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Core Awareness

Core awareness techniques

Core awareness brings the psoas muscle back to its relaxed state. The psoas muscle is greatly affected by stress. Gentle massage techniques with the aid of balls help to restore it to its normal relaxed functional length.

In order to experience the grace, comfort and ability to master any physical activity you choose, then your core muscle, the psoas needs to be returned to its functional capacity.

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Melt Method

The melt method

Help eliminate chronic pain without drugs and improve your strength and flexibility.

This method is designed as a self care, proactive approach to living a healthy pain free life.

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Lesley Parkin

I like to think of myself as a movement educator. All the things I have learned over the years to ease my own body and mind, I want to share with others.


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